On Women’s Equality Day, Gary Peters Must End Wage Discrimination, Raise Female Staffers’ Wages

On the anniversary of Women’s Equality Day, Terri Lynn Land called on Congressman Gary Peters end the wage discrimination in his office.

“Today I call on Congressman Gary Peters to stand up for Michigan women, end the wage discrimination in his own office and give his female staffers a raise so they no longer make only 67 cents on the dollar compared to his male staffers,” said Terri Lynn Land. “I support equal pay for equal work, that’s why I support the Equal Pay Act, and that is why I call on Congressman Peters to end his own wage discrimination. As Kent County Clerk and Michigan’s Secretary of State, I always worked hard to ensure fair pay and flexible time so that working moms and dads could have the good wages and flexible hours they needed to make a good living.”

According to Congressman Peters’ own math and the math used by the White House to push the Paycheck Fairness Act, the women in his office make only 67 cents for every dollar a male staff member makes.