Another Day, Another Report of Gary Peters’ Outsourcing

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Washington Examiner: Michigan Democratic Senate
Candidate Backed Company That Outsourced

(GRAND RAPIDS, MI) July 31, 2014 – It has been more than a week since the Detroit News exposed Democrat Gary Peters for allowing a state contract to be outsourced to China under his watch.  Today, the Washington Examiner published a report detailing Peters’ role in lobbying for an earmark and tax credit on behalf of a company that outsourced Michigan jobs to Mexico and then went bankrupt.  So far Gary Peters has been silent, refusing to answer questions about his role in outsourcing.

“What does Gary Peters have to hide? If he in fact did not outsource, he would want to set the record straight, but the fact that he won’t speak up raises even more questions about his role in outsourcing Michigan jobs,” said Heather Swift, Land campaign spokeswoman.

The Washington Examiner
Michigan Democratic Senate candidate backed company that outsourced

“Rep. Gary Peters’ role in securing an earmark and a tax credit for a now-bankrupt solar panel company could become a point of contention in Michigan’s hard-fought Senate race. In 2009, Peters, the presumptive Democratic nominee, worked with fellow Michiganders Sen. Carl Levin and Rep. Mark Schauer to secure a $1.2 million earmark for United Solar Ovonic, a now-bankrupt solar panel manufacturer. Peters also supported the company’s successful efforts to secure a $13.3 million tax credit from the stimulus program.

“The backers of that loan might have meant to support Michigan jobs. But United Solar Ovonic, after getting the earmark and the loan, proceeded to furlough 400 workers and eventually went bankrupt. Meanwhile, Green World Investor reported that Energy Conversion Devices was ‘joining the rest of its peers as it cuts down jobs in the USA and increases production in Mexico’ — in other words, outsourcing.”

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Washington Free Beacon: Peters Ally Says Nuclear Iran No Threat

By on July 30, 2014 |

One of Michigan Democratic Rep. Gary Peters’ largest campaign donors does not consider nuclear Iran a threat.

Peters has raked in thousands of dollars from the Council for a Livable World, peace activists with a history of controversial positions. The group has contributed more than $13,000 to the three-term congressman’s campaign and features a prominent endorsement of the Democrat on its website.

“Gary Peters wants to see a rapid end to the war in Afghanistan and smarter Pentagon spending,” the council says in its endorsement of Peters.

The council has spent nearly $300,000 on the 2014 cycle after contributing more than $500,000 in 2012. All of that money went to Democrats, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

The council has long supported Peters, endorsing him in his first congressional run in 2008. Peters, a Navy reservist, has lived up to the group’s ideology, especially on defense spending cuts. He voted against a $633 billion defense budget in 2012 that would have also provided hundreds of millions of dollars for Israel’s Iron Dome defense system.

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Real Clear Politics Moves Michigan to “Toss Up” from “Lean Democrat”

By on July 29, 2014 |

After the New York Times and CBS News revealed their latest battleground tracking poll that showed Republican Terri Lynn Land leading Democrat Gary Peters in Michigan, the political prognosticators at Real Clear Politics moved the Michigan Senate race from a “Leans Dem” race to a “Toss Up,” further proving that Terri Lynn Land has the momentum in the race.

“We’re not surprised at all that Terri Lynn Land has the momentum,” said Heather Swift, Land campaign spokeswoman. “Terri is talking about how she will cut spending, balance the budget, create jobs and put Michigan First–meanwhile, Gary Peters is a typical D.C. politician who has voted to outsource billions of dollars overseas. The more Michigan voters find out about Gary Peters, the less they like him.”

Gary Peters Silent on Outsourcing Michigan Contract

By on July 28, 2014 |

Today the Terri Lynn Land campaign called on Congressman Gary Peters to finally answer questions about why he allowed a Michigan contract to be outsourced to China. Last week the Land Campaign launched a new ad highlighting the outsourced contract and Gongwer noted the Peters Campaign “did not respond to questions”.

“Congressman Peters has some serious questions to answer about why he allowed a Michigan contract to be outsourced to China,” said Heather Swift, Land Campaign spokeswoman. “As Michigan’s next U.S. senator, Terri Lynn Land’s first priority is protecting and creating Michigan jobs. Michigan workers cannot trust Gary Peters, just another DC politician who sent billions of taxpayer dollars to foreign companies to create jobs overseas and allowed a state contract to be outsourced to China.”

“The Peters campaign did not respond to questions about the nature of the pencil purchase and whether Mr. Peters condoned it then or now.” (Gongwer, 7/22/14)

Terri Lynn Land Leads Gary Peters 48% To 47% In Latest CBS News/New York Times Battleground Tracker

By on July 27, 2014 |

“A new CBS News/New York Times Battleground Tracker estimate finds the Republicans positioned to take the Senate this year, with a likely 51-49 seat edge if the November election were held right now.

“Republicans’ current edge looks like enough to win at the moment, but that edge is politically tenuous and statistically narrow. It’s based on a string of razor-tight races that are all-but tossups, notably one-point race estimates that narrowly favor the GOP in Louisiana, North Carolina, Iowa and Michigan.

“There may be some surprise in the Iowa and Michigan findings, where we estimate slight Republican wins in these open seats being vacated by Democratic senators. Republicans have labored to expand the playing field beyond their southern base, and the results from Iowa and Michigan provide some indication they can do that.”

Terri Lynn Land Releases Free & Fair Trade Policy & Ad

By on July 24, 2014 |

Today, Terri Lynn Land, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate and former Michigan Secretary of State, released her Free & Fair Trade Policy as the first part of her Michigan First plan and a related ad. The policy and ad, “Free & Fair Trade,” emphasize that the U.S. should only support trade agreements that put Michigan businesses and workers on a level playing field with other countries.

“I believe in putting Michigan first, which is why I am traveling across the state, visiting with Michigan families and small businesses and listening to what is important to them; and the number-one issue is Michigan jobs,” said Terri Lynn Land. “I support free trade because it opens up new markets for Michigan products, autos and agriculture. But I will only support trade agreements that put Michigan businesses and workers on a level playing field with other countries.”

Read Terri’s plan here:

Michigan First Plan

I Trust Terri

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By: Bill Dobbins, Caster Concepts in Albion, MI

This week, the Washington Free Beacon reported that Congressman Peters, who claims to be a staunch opponent to outsourcing, invested in a company that is moving operations abroad to avoid U.S. taxes.

To make matters worse, the Detroit News reported yesterday that while in Congress, Gary Peters sent billions of tax dollars to foreign countries and even allowed a state contract to be outsourced to China when he was running the Michigan lottery.

It’s clear that Congressman Peters doesn’t stand for Michigan; he only does what is right for Gary Peters.

As a small business owner, I am determined to keep U.S. manufacturing jobs strong. I would not trust Gary Peters to look out for U.S. manufacturers in Washington, D.C. Gary has a track record of taking the easy way out.

I support Terri Lynn Land for U.S. Senate because I trust her to bring my voice – Michigan’s voice – to Washington, D.C.

Please, join me in supporting Terri Lynn Land for U.S. Senate so we can have a senator who puts Michigan First – not China.


Bill Dobbins
Caster Concepts
Albion, MI

Gary Peters a Roadblock to Michigan Jobs

By on July 22, 2014 |

Today the Terri Lynn Land for U.S. Senate campaign launched its latest ad, “Roadblock Jobs,” which highlights Washington insider Congressman Gary Peters’ long record of sending Michigan taxpayers’ dollars overseas. The ad will be seen on TV statewide.

“Gary Peters may talk about protecting jobs but he has failed to stand up for Michigan both in Lansing and Washington,” said Heather Swift, spokeswoman for the Land campaign. “From his time as Governor Granholm’s hand-picked lotto chief to his current position in the U.S. House, Congressman Peters has failed Michigan workers and families by allowing taxpayer dollars to be used to create jobs in foreign countries, including China. Michigan deserves a U.S. Senator who puts Michigan first, not China.”

Four Years Later, Gary Peters’ Dodd-Frank Act Still Putting Wall Street First

By on July 21, 2014 |

Terri Lynn Land, candidate for Michigan’s U.S. Senate seat, issued the following statement on the fourth anniversary of Dodd-Frank.

“For the past four years, Congressman Gary Peters’ Dodd-Frank Act has been putting Washington and Wall Street ahead of Michigan businesses and families. While Congressman Peters talks about getting tough on Wall Street, the fact is the legislation he helped write favored big Wall Street banks with unfair subsidies and regulations and made the ‘Too Big To Fail’ problem worse. It’s time we have a Senator that puts Michigan, not Wall Street, first.” – Terri Lynn Land

Last week, the Terri Lynn Land Campaign released a web advertisement on Dodd-Frank and Congressman Peters’ ties to Wall Street.

Congressman Gary Peters’ Cheap Talk: Michigan Families Can’t Trust Gary Peters…But Wall Street Can

By on July 18, 2014 |

On the dawn of liberal Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren’s rally for Congressman Gary Peters in Detroit, the Terri Lynn Land for U.S. Senate campaign released a new web ad, Cheap Talk. The ad highlights Gary Peters’ populist rhetoric, despite his past as a big banker for major Wall Street firms and his work that made “Too Big To Fail” banks even bigger.

“Now that he’s in a tight campaign, Congressman Gary Peters is trying to cover up the fact that he spent decades managing branches of ‘major Wall Street firms’, according to his own 2002 campaign website,” said Heather Swift, Land campaign spokeswoman. “Gary Peters says one thing and does another, so it’s not surprising that since going to Washington, Congressman Peters has continually sided with Wall Street instead of Main Street. Whether it’s hiding his decades as a Wall Street banker—and years as Wall Street’s biggest ally in D.C., lying about Michiganders keeping their health plans and doctors under ObamaCare, or dodging questions about Keystone Pipeline and cap-and-trade, the one thing Michiganders know for certain about Gary Peters is they cannot trust him.”

Elizabeth Warren has been on the national campaign trail stumping for candidates and railing against the same Wall Street banks that Gary Peters worked for, and the same Wall Street banks that Gary Peters gave preferential treatment to over Michigan community and regional banks in his role on the House Committee on Financial Services.