My plan supports trade agreements that put Michigan businesses and workers on a level playing field with other countries.

— Terri Lynn Land

New Ad Exposes Gary Peters’ Hypocrisy

By on September 02, 2014 |

Today, the Terri Lynn Land for U.S. Senate campaign launched the web ad, “Sides”, which exposes Gary Peters’ record of playing both sides on the issue of petcoke.

“Congressman Gary Peters will say absolutely anything to get elected, including investing tens of thousands of dollars in petcoke and then campaigning against it in order to get millions of dollars in dark money contributions from the radical California billionaire, Tom Steyer,” said Heather Swift, Land campaign spokeswoman. “Gary Peters cannot be trusted to put Michigan First because he is too busy putting Tom Steyer’s radical agenda first. Whether it’s supporting cap-and-trade which could kill over 100,000 Michigan jobs and cause gas and utility prices to skyrocket or opposing the Keystone XL which would create jobs in Michigan, Gary Peters is on the wrong side of every issue — unless it pads his pocket.”

While Terri Lynn Land is talking to voters about her Michigan First plan to get more good-paying jobs in Michigan and secure affordable energy prices, California billionaire extremist Tom Steyer is pouring millions of dollars in dark money into a massive ad buy supporting Gary Peters because Peters supports policies like cap-and-trade, which could kill over 100,000 Michigan jobs and cause gas, home heating and electricity prices to skyrocket.


Terri Lynn Land Talks Jobs at Jacobsen Industries on Michigan First Bus Tour

By on September 02, 2014 |

On her first stop of the day on the Michigan First bus tour, Terri Lynn Land visited Jacobsen Industries in Livonia to discuss her Michigan First plan to boost the economy and create good paying jobs in Michigan.

“I’m thankful to the Jacobsens, owners of Jacobsen Industries for taking the time to talk with us about issues that are most important to Michigan job creators and that includes making sure utility prices are low to produce goods, making sure our roads are safe and reliable to ship products, and making sure the federal government does not choke the economy with red tape,” said Terri Lynn Land.

“We can’t let Michigan manufacturing die. We need to make things, but we need a stronger economy to expand. When we make a little money we reinvest it back into the business, buy a new piece of machinery, and hire more workers. I think the biggest challenge coming at us is going to be the regulations. We need predictability in the tax code because when taxes go up we are forced to cut costs in workforce and products.” – Karen Jacobsen, owner of Jacobsen Industries. (more…)

Michigan First: Why I Oppose Common Core

By on August 29, 2014 |

Back to school season is already upon us. I’m a mom, and the thing that was always on top of my mind this time of year was making sure my kids were getting a good education.

As moms, dads, grandparents and loved ones across Michigan send their kids off for their first days of school, it’s important to discuss how we can put Michigan students first, better serve them and ensure they have the high-quality education they deserve.

A bedrock principle of America’s education system is local funding and local control of schools, that means putting Michigan first, not Washington. I support ending the Washington-imposed standards on local schools in Common Core and returning the power to our teachers, local communities and parents.

I believe Michigan moms, dads and teachers know what’s best for our kids, not Washington insiders. We need more state and local control of education, rather than the one-size-fits-all, top-down approach of the Obama Administration.

What’s best for Chicago is not what’s best for Cheboygan. By returning control to local communities, we will put Michigan First and ensure a stronger education for our children that will prepare them for the future.

- Terri Lynn Land