My plan supports trade agreements that put Michigan businesses and workers on a level playing field with other countries.

— Terri Lynn Land

What They’re Saying About…Gary Peters’ Petcoke Hypocrisy

By on September 16, 2014 |

As reports of Gary Peters’ petcoke profits and hypocrisy continue to pile up, Peters continues to slip in the polls.  A Mitchell Poll released yesterday shows Peters’ lead shrinking to just 2 points – well within the margin of error – with only 49 days left until Election Day.

The Detroit News and Detroit Free Press both ran articles over the weekend detailing Gary Peters’ hypocrisy for investing in petcoke at the same time he is publicly attacking petcoke as a dangerous pollutant. This is consistent with Gary Peters’ hypocrisy on immigration, Wall Street, equal pay for women, and numerous other issues.

Detroit Free Press“Peters’ ownership of shares in Total Petrochemicals, the French company’s U.S. subsidiary, is fair game for questions. The company owns a refinery that makes pet coke in Port Arthur, Texas — a city where several articles have been written about the effects of toxins on residents. Total paid an $8.75 million fine last year for earlier violations of pollution limits… Considering the emphasis Peters has put on the piles that once abutted the Detroit River, raising questions about his shares of Total S.A. is inbounds.” (more…)

New Poll: 50 Days Out, Senate Race a Dead Heat

By on September 15, 2014 |

With 50 days until Election Day, Mitchell Research released a poll in Michigan’s U.S. Senate race which showed a dead heat between Republican Terri Lynn Land and Democratic Congressman Gary Peters. Rep. Peters has been sinking in the polls as countless reports of his hypocrisy have piled up. 

“Michigan’s senate race is a dead heat and Terri Lynn Land has the momentum going into the final 50 days before Election Day because middle class families trust her to put Michigan first. Gary Peters, on the other hand, cannot be trusted because he will say absolutely anything to get elected. Whether it’s investing thousands of dollars in petcoke despite campaigning against it, or profiting off the Detroit water shutoff, one thing is clear: Gary Peters will not put Michigan first.” 


BREAKING: Peters won’t sell stock in oil company, Detroit News Reports

By on September 15, 2014 |
Today the Detroit News broke the news that Gary Peters refuses to dump his petcoke investments despite railing against the substance on the campaign trail. The story comes after the Detroit Free Press published another article calling questions into Peters’ petcoke investments “fair game” and debunking attacks against Land’s stance on environmental issues.

Detroit News
Southfield— U.S. Rep. Gary Peters has no intention of selling stock in an oil company that produces a petroleum byproduct he has sought to regulate, despite criticism he’s taking from Republicans in Michigan’s U.S. Senate race over his personal investments.

Peters, D-Bloomfield Township, said Saturday he won’t sell the $19,000 in stock he owns of Total S.A., a French energy company that produces the petroleum coke substance that Peters once called “dirtier than the dirtiest fuel.”

Republican Senate candidate Terri Lynn Land’s campaign charges Peters’ investment runs counter to the public war he waged last year over a pile of pet coke stored near the banks of the Detroit River.

“Am I going to sell it? I have no plans of it, no,” Peters told The Detroit News after speaking at the Michigan Democratic Party’s African-American alliance breakfast in Southfield. “It is an investment in the fourth largest oil company in the world. It has nothing to do with the Detroit situation.”

Total produces pet coke at an oil refinery in Port Arthur, Texas.